Article – Having a Sparkly Attitude

Having a Sparkly Attitude

Being sparkly doesn’t mean you have to glitter in the sunshine like Edward Cullen, make friends with a wolf or find yourself an angst-ridden girlfriend.  There’s a little more to it than that.  It means you have energy, a certain fizz, a sparkle to your life that radiates out and draws in the people around you.

You can’t find it in a bottle, or pluck it off a supermarket shelf, it is something that is just there.  It’s in the way you respond to people and situations, it’s in the positive way you look at life.  It’s in your smile and it’s in your heart.

And it all comes down to attitude.  Most of us glow weakly, yet burn with envy when we interact with those whose sunlight dazzles us.  We want that, to be like that.  So let’s do it.  Let’s unleash that sexy, sparkly and playful woman that lives inside us all.

Sparkle 101 – Jen Aniston style:  look forward to the little things, find a reason for the glass to be half full instead of half empty, especially if there’s a lovely chardonnay inside.  The health benefits of sparkling mean that you boost your immune system and decrease your stress levels.

Yes, but how do I actually do it?  You might wonder impatiently.  By doing the things that sexy, sparkly, playful woman love to do.  Laugh.  Blow bubbles.  Make time to play with your kids, or pets (sometimes I wonder if there’s a difference).  Buy a pair of shoes, or a handbag.  Gloss up your lips, pout and then smile, smile smile.





At the end of the day, cook a scrumptious meal, not because you have to, but just for the sheer love of it – assuming of course you’re a domestic goddess who loves her kitchen as much as me.  On the other hand, if you subscribe to the belief that a big mac fits into all the 5 major food groups, then you might have to change tack.

Try pinning up your hair and slipping into a luxurious bubble bath, even if it’s only for 10 minutes.  Turn your mobile to vibrate – don’t panic I wouldn’t dream of suggesting you turn it off, perish the thought – and enjoy a little “me” time.  Because, after all, you’re a strong, independent and capable woman who has earned the right to recharge your batteries.

When you realise that you spend your day solving problems, looking after other people’s interests, and really, let’s face it, putting yourself second, it’s hard to maintain that sparkly attitude, that joyful get-up-and-go glow, when you neglect your own interests.

So don’t feel bad, we are entitled to a little guilty pleasure, no matter what it is, otherwise that little vampire in us all rears her head and becomes convinced that biting the heads off a few chickens seems like a really good idea.  Of course, you regret it soon after, and regret dampens our sparkle.

We all have our own Edward.  So treat yourself well.  We don’t allow others to treat us badly, so why should we allow it in ourselves?  Spoil yourself just a little, just enough so you can say “This is my life.  It sparkles. And I love it!”





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