Rihanna sang about it.  James Bond starred in it.  Coco Chanel lived it.
Shine bright like a Diamond.

We are all diamonds, in the rough maybe, but diamonds nevertheless.

It’s in how we refine ourselves, and project our inner sparkle,
that makes us truly shine.

The word “diamond” originates from the greek word διαμάντι
meaning “unbreakable”.  Diamonds start life as little lumps of coal.

Over time they endure extremely high pressure to make them the hardest of stones.

Just as life does to all of us.
And it is up to us to determine our own cut and grade.

It starts with a simple decision.  To change your life, to live it abundantly, to live according to the “Diamond Principles”.

Each of us is born to stand out and withstand elements.
We are resilient and need to be comfortable with who we are.

This is a fundamental element to channelling our sparkle.

Like diamonds, we have the ability to filter, process,
absorb or reflect things that happen in our life, in other words, to learn from our life experiences, and not allow them to drag us down.

We rise above, as do diamonds, and emerge from the other side as strong,
brilliant beings.

And as women, we have the capacity to stand strong, tall and proud, to take a little pressure, a little heat, and not allow ourselves to be tripped up by obstacles.
So, embrace your story.

Accept that you are perfect just as you are.  Let go of focusing on your imperfections.  Stop comparing yourself to others, diamonds, in all their shapes, sizes and forms are beautiful.  And always look on the bright side of life.

Allow your beauty and brilliance to shine through.  There are always people out there who will be grateful for some of your sunshine.

It might be a smile, or a kind word, or a gesture, some kind of wonderfulness that only you can give.

And why should you do this?
Because You Can

— Karin Abrahamse

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